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www.esta-online.us.com is dedicated to safeguarding the personal information submitted on our website. ‘Personal Information’ is information which is specific to an individual. It can identify a person or can be used in combination with other information to identify someone.


We believe in being clear and transparent about how we collect personal information and how it is used and shared. By using the services offered by www.esta-online.us.com you agree to this privacy policy and its terms.


Information we collect


www.esta-online.us.com may collect, use and store the following personal data:


Personal information provided by you


To complete an online visa application form on www.esta-online.us.com it is necessary to enter a range of personal information. This information includes your full name, address, date of birth, passport details, and travel plans (such as dates, times, and accommodation details). To process a visa application, it may also be necessary to provide some information considered to be highly-sensitive, such as information related to your gender, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, health, sexual health, genes or family background, and criminal record.


Documentation provided by you


In order to process your visa application, it may be necessary for applicants to provide copies or scans of a range of different types of documentation including: your passport, ID, resident card, birth certificate, bank statement, letter of invitation, and parental authorization letter (in relation to a minor).


Device information


We collect information about users’ computers, phones, tablets or other devices which are used to visit www.esta-online.us.com. This information includes IP addresses, the user’s geographical location, and the browser and operating system. We also collect data about the user’s habits and preferences such as the number of times they have visited our website and for how long.


How information is used


www.esta-online.us.com uses the collected information for a range of purposes related to the services offered on this website. Users’ data may be used in the following ways:


To process your application


We use the information you provide on the application form to process your application. We share the information with the relevant authorities in order for them to grant you authorization to enter the country.


To communicate with you


To communicate with you effectively it is necessary to use the information you provide. This allows us to answer your questions, reply to your emails, send email notifications regarding the statuses of applications, and to deal with your requests.


To improve our website and services


We analyze the data we collect using various programs to improve our website and the overall experience for our web users. This includes improving our services as well as the website itself.


To comply with the law


Sometimes, we are required by law to use your personal information to comply with various legal requests. We may need to share information when required to do so during legal proceedings, or during audits and investigations.


Other purposes


Your personal information may be used to prevent fraudulent activity, to help improve security measures, and to verify your compliance with our Terms and Conditions and Cookie Policy.


How information is shared


www.esta-online.us.com does not share your personal information with third parties except www.esta-online.us.com with certain organizations and bodies in the following circumstances:


With governments and authorities


In order to process your visa application, we share the information and the documentation you provide with the government. The government needs this information to be able to either approve or reject the visa application.


With affiliate companies


www.esta-online.us.com is a global business which works in cooperation with a number of affiliate companies. Information is shared between our affiliate companies which operate in multiple countries. Your information may be shared with these companies and your information may be transferred between our own internal offices.


With service providers


We use third-party service providers to carry out certain tasks on our behalf such as processing credit card payments, providing advertisements, analyzing usage of our website and user habits, and sending emails. We may share information with these third-party service providers but only the information which is necessary to enable them to provide their service.



For legal reasons


We may disclose personal information about you when required to by law or regulations. This could include laws and regulations which apply within or outside your country of residence.


We may need to disclose information in the following circumstances: to comply with legal process, to respond to requests from public authorities and law enforcement officials, to enforce our terms and conditions or policies, to protect our operations and those of our affiliates, to protect our rights, privacy or safety, to allow us to pursue available remedies, or to limit the damages we may incur.


Managing and deleting your information


You have the right to request an electronic copy of your information or to request the deletion of your information. You can contact us at support@e-visa.online at any time to make a request.


Please be aware that we cannot reveal information about other people and we cannot delete information which we are obliged to keep by law.


Security and Retention of Personal Information


www.esta-online.us.com maintains high security protocols and standards in order to prevent loss, misuse, and alteration of data. The information is stored on firewall and password-protected servers and there are physical security measures in place.


We retain users’ data for a period of three years. After this period of time information is automatically deleted. Data retention policies and procedures ensure www.esta-online.us.com complies with legal obligations.


The user acknowledges that it is not the responsibility of www.esta-online.us.com to guarantee the security of sending information via the Internet.


Amendments to the Privacy Policy


Changes to this Privacy Policy can be made from time to time without prior notification at the request of management. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be applicable from the moment of its publication


It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that he or she is informed of the Privacy Policy terms at the moment of purchasing services or products from www.esta-online.us.com


Third Party Websites


Our website may contain links to websites which are not operated by us. www.esta-online.us.com is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any linked third-party websites. If you click on any links to third-party websites, we recommend that you carefully review their privacy policies before you provide them with any of your personal information.


Children’s data


www.esta-online.us.com only collects the data of children for the purpose of processing visa applications and providing related services. As we specify in our Terms and Conditions, parents and guardians give us their consent to collect and use the data of minors by providing the data.


Who we are and how you can contact us


www.esta-online.us.com is a private company which offers specialized online visa application services. We help travellers to obtain visas from governments by providing expert assistance.


Our Customer Service Team at www.esta-online.us.com is available 24/7 and they can respond to any questions or queries that you may have about applying online for a travel authorization through our website.


esta-online.us.com is intended to support natural and legal persons in their administrative travel procedures. This is a site that is not affiliated with US government authorities or the government website cbp.gov. The price is 50 EUR to get a new request. this price covers assistance for the entire period of validity. You can apply on the official website for only 21 USD, but in this case you will not benefit from our help and assistance. the price of 29 EUR to request an esta. existing includes the time to reapply to the authorities. you can make this request free of charge on the esta cpb gov website. you benefit from our assistance for the duration of your esta recuperator. under no circumstances can a refund request be made on a recovery. The electronic-system-for-travel-authorization.com site is a private site and is not affiliated with US government authorities or the government's website. 0893020202: 0.80 euro per minute.

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