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Electronic System for Travel Authorization

ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is an electronic travel authorisation granted by the US government to travellers wishing to stay on US territory for less than 90 days. In accordance with United States immigration law, France, together with 37 other countries, participates in the VISA WAIVER PROGRAM (VWP), which allows citizens of these countries to travel to US territory with an ESTA. This authorisation is therefore compulsory for all travellers to the United States, including minors and travellers in transit. The purpose of ESTA is to strengthen security on US territory, while enabling the US Department of Homeland Security to rule on the eligibility of each applicant to stay in the country.
  • Tous les voyageurs doivent etre vaccines
  • Aucun test PCR exigé
  • Demander un Esta pour toutes les arrivées aériennes et terrestres (voitures, bus et train, …)
The 5 steps to obtain your ESTA:
Complete Your Application
Submit Your Application
Save Your Application Number
Make Payment
View Your Application Status
ESTA Online

Start your ESTA application
Family Name *
    • Enter your family name as the family name appears on your passport under the Family Name or Surname field. The family name is required to complete the application.
First (Given) Name *
    • Enter your first (given) name as the first name appears on your passport under the First or Given Name field. Do not include the middle name in this field. First name is required to complete the application. If you have no first name, then enter the letters FNU which stands for First Name Unknown.
Country of Citizenship *
    • Choose the country of citizenship, as it appears on your passport. The passport issuing country is required to complete the application.
Country of birth *
    • Choose the country in which you were born. The country where you were born is required to complete the application.
Residential country *
    • Choose the country in which you reside. The country where you live is required to complete the application.

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Recall Beneficiary countries: Countries currently participating in the Visa Waiver Program are:
Czech Republic
New Zealand
Republic of Malta
San Marino
South Korea
United Kingdom
Why should I make an ESTA request?

For a stay of less than 90 days, ESTA is a compulsory administrative formality. Beyond this duration, travellers cannot use the VWP and must submit a visa request. An ESTA request is much simpler administratively than a visa request as it is done entirely online and can be approved the same day.

It is recommended that you submit the ESTA request at least 72 hours before boarding the flight bound for the United States. Since the system is run by officials of the US Department of Homeland Security, this margin allows for processing time and checking the details of each applicant. It is impossible to board until the ESTA request has been approved by the US government. 99% of requests are approved; in the event of refusal, it is always possible to request a visa.

The ESTA request is for tourist and business trips. On the other hand, it does not cover the following cases: participation in a study programme earning credits towards a university degree, job search, working as a foreign journalist or obtaining immigration status to live in the United States. Finally, to obtain authorisation, it is essential never to have violated US immigration law and never to have been refused a visa before the ESTA request.

Once granted, the authorisation is valid for two years for multiple stays (always less than 90 days). There is no need to make an ESTA request if the traveller already has a visa.

How do I make a US ESTA request?
ESTA is an electronic form; it must be completed and paid online only. To complete it, you will need to have a passport and blue card at hand. You may choose to complete the form in English. The request can be made even if the traveller has not yet booked the plane tickets.
The payable ESTA form consists of four separate sections:
  • Traveller details (nationality, address, professional status...)
  • Details regarding the passport on which the traveller plans to enter the United States (passport number, validity...)
  • Questions concerning the trip (address at which the traveller is staying, route taken, transit to another destination...)
  • Questions about the traveller's history (past records, any arrests...)

Each section is subject to checks and must be completely filled out before being able to go on to the next section.
When all details have been filled out, the traveller can re-read all the information that has been entered and edit it if there has been any error or omission.
It is important to note that a fee is payable for Esta. It must be paid by credit or debit card at the end of the four steps. There is no free Esta.

esta-online.us.com is intended to support natural and legal persons in their administrative travel procedures. This is a site that is not affiliated with US government authorities or the government website cbp.gov. The price is 50 EUR to get a new request. this price covers assistance for the entire period of validity. You can apply on the official website for only 21 USD, but in this case you will not benefit from our help and assistance. the price of 29 EUR to request an esta. existing includes the time to reapply to the authorities. you can make this request free of charge on the esta cpb gov website. you benefit from our assistance for the duration of your esta recuperator. under no circumstances can a refund request be made on a recovery. The electronic-system-for-travel-authorization.com site is a private site and is not affiliated with US government authorities or the government's website. 0893020202: 0.80 euro per minute.

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